A pink rose

I am Still a Rose, LLC, was created in January 2015 to inspire and empower women of all walks of life.  Life can be challenging and sometimes, many of us have no clue as to how to get back on track.  Tonya Barbee, the founder of IASAR, a devoted mother of four, grandmother to seven, made a decision to never let a challenge weigh her down to the point that she would give up. Focus and making a decision to change bad behaviors was critical.

Growing up, she thought she would be married to the same gentleman for the rest of her life.  Her young fairy tale life would remain the same for her as an adult.  She persevered as she later discovered there is no fairy tale life. Life comes with challenges. In spite of it all, she never gave up on love.

Instead of succumbing to the sadness of her failed marriages, she made a decision to trust God and to help others along the way.  Her mission is the use IASAR to impact many lives through her writing, plays, speaking engagements, newsletters, blog, and inspirational products.

So many of us are faced with heavy burdens regarding raising families, trying to pay the bills, dealing with divorce, broken hearts, cheating spouses, molestations, child abuse, rape, drug/alcohol abuse, homelessness, and the list goes on.  With God, it’s nothing we cannot accomplish!  Stay tuned for more additional resources to help you get through it.

But as you go through it, make this an affirmation, no matter what challenges you are faced with, repeatedly say to yourself (and others),I am Still a Rose