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This book is about the misconception of love, betrayal and triumph.  It’s for anyone who has gone through struggle after struggle trying to maintain a relationship only to realize that they have to reflect and evaluate what is wrong on the inside.  You have to ask yourself, Why do I keep making the same mistakes?  Why is it that I can’t maintain a solid relationship?  Why can’t I find true love? Why do I get hurt time after time? What can I do to fix this? What am I doing to deserve this?

Sounds familiar?  Well it’s time we look inward.  It’s time we evaluate what we’re dong wrong so we can finally get it right.

While reading this book, you will feel the author’s pain as she continuously looks for  the fairy tale relationship only to discover that there is no fairy tale relationship.  You’ll see through her painful ordeal that sometimes you have to get through the bad relationships before you are finally able to maintain a good relationship.  The author shares her story with the hopes of enabling her readers to become empowered to evaluate themselves, ask God for guidance, love on themselves and watch real love unfold. You will come to the realization that it’s not too late to get it right and live your life to the fullest.

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I am Still a Rose – I am Still a Rose - Silhouette of a woman holding a rose.


Tonya, I finished your very well-written book. Oh my goodness, you’ve been through so much. You are such a strong person! It’s so wonderful that you’ve written it; the message is stonyaBookStando important, especially to young women. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read it. - Judy, Maryland

I LOVED LOVED LOVED your book. You are such a strong women and I know this book will bless people all around the world. It blessed me every women has that little girl inside. I believe God is using you as a vessel to reach many women. - Tanya, Maryland

This just goes to show the old saying of you can’t judge a book by its covers!! When I first met you, all I could see was the epitome of class and success. Which is great, because it does not look like you ever had any hard times in your life…lol…. I’m sure the struggles you been through made you stronger, especially nurturing your children who have also achieved successful accomplishments. This should encourage a lot of young/older women, that no matter what you have been through, don’t give up just keep on going, keep shining. I applaud your accomplishments. I think the little girl in all of us are just looking to belong to someone for love and security. I hope you do some public speaking on your book, this really is a mentoring topic, especially for young girls. - Anonymous

This is creative, innovative, and important storytelling for all women.  I can’t wait for the next book. - Sandra, Maryland

Hey ready your book…  Loveeeee it!  thumbs a snap and a circle, on chapter 13 :)

Yes!  Your book is so refreshing and realistic. It describes me and how I’ve dated men.  It’s funny,  sassy and classy.  A great read.  -Annette, Maryland

This book is a must-read for all adolescent girls and women. It is a treasure throve of honesty and encouragement. Tonya’s heart-breaking honesty and sincerity comes out in every word that she writes in the book. Get ready to be amazed and learn a lot of lessons.What woman hasn’t felt like Tonya has? I know her book speaks to me and I can now see how I made some of my key mistakes own life at key junctures. Yes, when you only listen to that little girl inside, she could lead you through pastures unknown, and most of them are wrong sadly. Perhaps this is because that little girl inside us is over zealous and hopeful. She doesn’t have a care in the world. She can’t think rationally and is completely enthralled by life. This is what makes her great, but when it comes to choosing the right spouse it could set women up for a life of misery and heartache.

Tonya knows hardship and she knows how to be hurt over and over again. She has been in several painful and futile relationships. But she learned so much about herself through this difficult process. I wish that things would be easier for women. But women are naturally intuitive creatures who rely on that inner voice which can be quite immature and hopeful. The trick is to balance that inner voice with the more mature voice that we experience. But it takes a lot of heartache before we can do that consistently, as Tonya shows in her very insightful and honest book!

Thank you Tonya for such a GREAT book! You have inspired me and showed me that I could learn from my pat mistakes and create the life that I deserve without abusive people in my life. We all deserve to have a happy life. - Irene